Windows Server 2016

Licensing Changes - Who they effect and how to prepare for them.

Windows Server 2016

Per Proc > Per Core

Every few years Microsoft makes a change to its licensing that forces customers to seriously rethink their environment and how they procure servers. Changes that have had this impact are Windows Server changed to per proc licensing, SQL server being changed to Per Core licensing, and Windows/Office changing to a per user model, etc.

Customers are faced with making long term plans (3 Yr EA, SCI, Dev Agreements) with their licensing yet staying strategic and flexible during this time can be frustrating. This is where Vendorlogix can help customers significantly reduce their costs.  

Microsoft has announced that Windows Server 2016 will be licensed using Cores not processors beginning in the second half of 2016. Below is an article that details the changes, should you be interested in learning the specifics.  

Combating the Change

If you are in the middle of an agreement, you will not be affected until your renewal. You will still be able to buy your Windows Server licenses via the processor model. However, examining server infrastructure and looking at your depreciation cycles, will be vital to savings costs when the renewal comes about.

Those customers that don't currently have Windows Server on an agreement, will need to begin planning now.  

What can Vendorlogix do?

For those customers that are using SCCM, Vendorlogix has created an app that takes this data, and provides recommendations for consolidation. The app is called Vendorlogix Sonar and can help your company automate the process as well as give insights to all Microsoft products.

If your organization is not using SCCM, then Vendorlogix can use any technology that you have deployed for asset management, and do the same. The only difference is that the process is more manual.

If you would like to begin planning for these changes, please reach out to us directly.