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If the workstations in your company are all connected, you will probably need a CAL license. Microsoft CAL, or Client Access Licenses, are often needed to legally access the server which ties all of the workspaces in your company to one network. CAL Microsoft is often used for servers that supply entire companies with file sharing, print sharing and necessary communication tools.

There are two types of CAL licenses: device-based CAL (Device CAL) and user-based CAL (User CAL).

Device CAL consists of purchasing a different license for each device that has access to your server. No matter how many individual people use said device, they all have access to the server. This is ideal for companies where employees share devices or there are different employees on different shifts.

User CAL is specific to each user. Your company purchases a license for each individual user that has access to your server. No matter how many different devices they use to access the server, only one license is required. This type of Microsoft CAL license is ideal for companies with employees who have roaming access to the network, have multiple devices or use unknown devices to access the server.

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