Learn how Vendorlogix can help your company reduce its Microsoft cost by up to 65%
Windows Server 2016 Changes
Windows Server 2016 is moving to a per core licensing model. Learn who is effected and how to prepare for it.  
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Vendorlogix Sonar
Automate your Microsoft licensing true-ups!
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How will the new E5 plan effect you?
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Office 365 Evaluation 

Microsoft Office 365 offers a number of benefits, but it isn’t right for all organizations. Learn if it is right for you here.

EA Renewal Advice

Microsoft continues to make renewing your EA more complex. Learn how Vendorlogix can simplify the process.

Case Studies

We've worked with companies all over the nation and in industries ranging from finances to oil and gas. Here are several industry specific case studies from our customers. 

Evaluation Request

Getting accurate licensing info is hard to come by. If you want an honest answer on how to cut cost from someone not getting paid on the size of your agreement, this is the place.

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Licensing Management

Most organizations want to charge you the most margin or sell you the most expensive product no matter the business value. At VendorLogix, we want to show you the most cost effective and efficient manner to manage your Microsoft volume licenses. In addition, we guarantee it or our services are free. 

About Us

No one knows your company better than you, so why do consultants always feel that they know exactly what your company needs? This idea is at the very core of what separates VendorLogix from the rest of the pack. At VendorLogix, our goal is to understand your business needs and provide options to alleviate cost. We strive to provide every option available when acquiring licenses, so you can make the best decision for your organization.

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