Vendorlogix Sonar
by Vendorlogix 


If you want to know what you own today, Microsoft gives you an MLS. For those of you who have seen yours recently, the portion of one here won’t look that foreign to you. However, the MLS does little to help you understand how much you actually have deployed and therefore what you need to true-up. Beyond that, it doesn’t tell you if these licenses are bundled with a larger suite like the Enterprise CAL, Office 365 suites, or even opportunities you might have to consolidate.

Every organization spends significant hours throughout the year or right before their true-up to get updated licensing numbers. For those who don’t, they risk being out of compliance.

It’s a giant, but necessary headache for almost every IT department to track. Historically this has been a huge roadblock and bottleneck come true-up and renewal season. It’s hard to plan when you don’t know what you have and what your costs are.

For this reason, we’ve created an application that fully automates your true-ups. At any given time you can know exactly what you own, can budget, plan or even submit your true-up numbers to your reseller. In combination with your Customer Price Sheet, you can know exactly what your costs will be and plan accordingly.


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