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Licensing Consolidation

Over the past 6 years, we have built out and fined tuned a process for assisting customers with their architecture, so they require fewer licenses and minimize the risk associated with future license growth. Knowing what to buy today and what to buy when you need it can save you immensely. The process is easy, and completely free to our customers.

Microsoft EA Negotiation

The structure, type of agreement and level of discount are our 3 main areas of cost savings. Our customers consistently see 30% savings simply by using the information we provide them. A recent Gardner report shows Microsoft has increased the cost of their products by 16% on average over the last 2 years. Our goal is for these increases to have zero impact on our customers.


EA Renewal Advice 1

1. Buy Fewer Licenses

Allow us to give you the tools and information so your company can buy fewer licenses.


EA Renewal Advice 2

2. Strategic Roadmap

Don't allow Microsoft to dictate what is on your agreement. Structure the agreement for what is important to you.

EA Renewal Advice 3

3. Ask for the Right Discounts

Microsoft likes to discount new technologies and add them to your agreement. Instead, allow us to build the business case for discounts on the products that match your roadmap.

EA Renewal Advice 4

4. Additional Incentives

  1. Partner deployment dollars
  2. Additional SA benefits
  3. Incentive funds

These are all additional funds that your company can get if you just know how to ask for them.


For more detailed advice and guides on particular products (i.e. Office 365, the Enterprise Mobility Suite, the Server & Cloud Enrollment, SQL, System Center, etc.) visit our Licensing Guides page here

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No one knows your company better than you, so why do consultants always feel that they know exactly what your company needs? This idea is at the very core of what separates VendorLogix from the rest of the pack. At VendorLogix, our goal is to understand your business needs and provide options to alleviate cost. We strive to provide every option available when acquiring licenses, so you can make the best decision for your organization.

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