Office 365 E5 - Now Available

Licensing Changes - Need to Know Info

Microsoft has announced a change to it's current Office 365 enterprise service offering. As of Decemeber 1st the E5 SKU will be replacing the E4 SKU on Microsoft's price list. E4 is now E5 with more features and a bigger price tag. One of the main changes is the introduction of Skype for Business replacing Enterprise Voice. For a list of the rest of the added features in E5, see the chart below.

"E4 is now E5 with more features and a bigger price tag."

It's essential you know how these changes are going to effect you at renewal. Established business practices don't change quickly, so if you want to avoid future costs, you need to understand these changes while you still have the flexibility to do something about it. 

Office 365 E5 - Licensing Options

As per usual, you will be able to buy an E5 plan under your agreement as a suite or you can buy it's components a la carte. Depending on how you are currently utilizing Office 365, this could help or hurt you financially. When it comes to buying the suite though, you have three options. 

  1. Step-up: If you have active Software Assurance (SA), you can pay the difference between your current plan (E1, E3, or E4) and the E5 plan. 
  2. Add-on: An add-on license allows you to obtain additional features and services while maintaining your current licensing structure (i.e. buying a la carte).
  3. Full USL: This is a full users subscription license. This is for customers who currently have no Office 365 investments on which they could Step-up or Add-on to. 
2015-12-17 14_44_43-Book1 - Excel

When is E4 Officially Gone?

The stated date is  June 30th, 2016. Customers who are currently under an E4 plan will continue being able to use it until your renewal. At that time you will be required to move to one of the current plans, buying a la carte, or a mix of the two. 


What's New in E1 and E3

As you might have noticed in the above chart, there are some new features coming to E1 & E3 plans. These primary have to do with Skype functionalities. O365 E1 will now include Skype Meeting Broadcast and Task Management. 

E3 plans will continue to include all of the features in E1 as well as some additional Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and encryption rights. 

If you want to know more about Office 365's new structure, how to protect yourself from cost increases, and how to position O365 at renewal to get a maximum discount, reach out to us below.